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Jean-Michel Jarre's

Jean-Michel Jarre's studio equipment

In the regie room

Akai S-1000

Akai MPC-60

ARP 2600

Drawner gates

Dynacord ADD-One

Elka MK88

Korg SDD-3000

Lexicon 480L

MCI JH600 - 36 canal pult with automatic quested monitor

Moog - Memory

Moog - three banded parameter


Roland D-50

Studer A820 Multi Track machine with dolby SR

Sycologic M16R Midi Patcher

Yamaha REV-7

In the recording room

ARP Modulsystem 2500

ARP 2600

Elka MK800

Eminent Organ

EMS Vocoder 3000

Fairlight Serie II

Fairlight Serie III

Fairlight Emulator II

JBL 4333A Monitors

Kawai Synthesizer

Macintosh II

Moog Modulsystem 55


Roland M160

Instruments (just stored) in the workshop

DBX FS900, EMS Synthesizer, Linn LM-1, Linn 9000, Korg KR55,
Minikorg, Roland CR78 and several Yamaha and Casio instruments

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